Van Dessel has been a long-time supporter of Elliston Coaching- from providing equipment for sponsorship and product testing, to helping our EC run U23 and junior programs with equipment and in-kind support, to offering discounts for EC clients, they’ve been there every step of the way with us.
Not only have they been generous, but they make truly exceptional bikes. From road to ‘cross to mtb, and everything in between, if you’re in the market for a new frame, or a whole new bike, we can put you in touch with them and have them help build the bike of your dreams at an affordable cost.

Pactimo is a Colorado based company known for quality, reliability and unsurpassed customer service since their inception in 2003. EC has been proudly supported by them since 2016 when they stepped in and offered full support of our elite U23 team. Since then, we’ve used their products in every scenario and weather condition possible, quickly realizing there is no better product or value on the market. In addition to EC, they support our EC based USA Cycling club, STK Cycling, as well as our UCI Tour l’Abitibi teams.

Everyone that’s ridden long enough knows that, sometimes, chafing happens. The folks at Enzo’s help us combat that with their chamois creme. Just a little goes a long way into making rides a bit more comfortable, and preventing nagging saddle sores.
They also make great embrocation sticks. As many of our athletes compete in a full cross season, keeping the legs warm is a big must for maximum efficiency. Enzo’s makes their embrocation in 3 options- from no heat, to medium (rated for 45-55º F), and hot (rated for 30-44º F), they have everything to help you ride your best in all temperatures.

Quarq makes some of the most technically advanced data systems in the industry, and we’ve been proud users of their products for over 7 years. As data collection is an important part of our coaching success, we’re happy to direct clients to Quarq for their needs. Please contact us for details.

What started out as on-site support of our athletes chasing the old USGP of CX has grown into a lasting partnership. WD-40 Bike makes a wide variety of products to clean, lube and protect your bikes, and they proudly supply our Tour l’Abitibi squads each year.